Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Fall in the North Country

The leaves are changing, the days are shorter, and the air is beginning to get chilly. It’s almost fall in the North Country and that means it’s the season for apple picking, corn mazes, and pumpkin patches. Before you hibernate for the winter, get some fresh air and enjoy one or all of these activities. Not only are they fun, they are good for your physical and mental health. Here are 4 reasons to go out this fall.

1.      Enjoy quality time with family. Take a break from technology and enjoy life at a slower pace. It will help you relax, build bonds and memories, and create traditions with your loved ones.

2.      Physical activity, especially outdoors, helps give your mood and energy levels a boost. Being active is associated with a healthier heart and less stress.

3.      You’re likely to go home with some delicious local fruits and vegetables at the end of the day. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables helps protect against heart disease and helps keep your family healthy.

4.      It helps build community. Not only will you be out and part of a community event, you are helping support local farmers.

Go out and enjoy the autumn days, while they last!