Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Hot off the Press: The 2017 Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan

Health Department and Hospital representatives discuss the CHA on WIRY.
For the past year, CCHD and UVHN-CVPH have been working with community health partners to complete the Clinton County Community Health Assessment (CHA) and the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).  While these documents are required by NYSDOH, the practice allows the community to develop a shared plan for community health improvement.  The process for creating these documents involves collecting and interpreting health data as well as securing resident and stakeholder input. With this information, local health priorities are then determined. 

This community health assessment differed notably from past experiences.  First off, health data is now more accessible than ever.  National, state and other public data portals offered easy, quick access to many health metrics.  Data contributed by local organizations was also included.  In addition, community residents were surveyed regarding health issues they felt were important to them and to their communities.  Their input was used in selecting health priorities and designing activities for the new health improvement plan.  With this input, community health partners voted to adjust the course… slightly.  The featured priority areas are now: Prevent Chronic Disease and Promote Mental Health and Prevent Substance Abuse.

The CHA and CHIP are available for viewing and input at www.ClintonHealth.org  in the “Statistical Data” section.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

National Nutrition Month

Fruits and vegetables purchased at the grocery store travel, on average, 1,500 miles before they reach your plate. Buying local fruits and vegetables guarantees produce is fresher and tastier. The Overcoming Obstacles to Food Access in Clinton County Grant, funded through the NYS Health Foundation, has awarded eight local farmers with mini-grants to create more opportunities for residents to buy and eat local produce.  These mini-grants will help increase access to, and availability of, locally grown fruits and vegetables. The money will be used to help farmers improve crop production, increase the acceptance of nutrition benefits, encourage collaboration with local entities, and grow the number of farm stand and market locations in the region.
The following farmers submitted applications and were awarded money: Country Dreams Farm, Fledging Crow Vegetables, Lamoy’s Produce and Greenhouses, Oregano Flats Farm, Shady Grove Farm and Wellness Center, Shield’s Vegetables, Souza’s Farm Stand, and Windy Hill Farm.
National Nutrition Month is all about the importance of making healthy food choices. In order to make it easier for you to get your 5 A Day, (5 servings of fruits and vegetables), the Clinton County Health Department and local farmers are working hard to make produce more plentiful, accessible, and affordable.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Snow Safety Tips

With the dumping of 30+ inches of snow in some areas from "STELLA" here are some important safety tips:
·        Shoveling: take breaks and make sure to dress warm to avoid frostbite – know your limits!

·        Snow blowers: do NOT try to clear obstructions from a running machine

·        Snowy roof tops:  use a long pole snow removal device instead of climbing up a ladder

·        Preventing slips: wear proper footwear, and take smaller penguin style steps

·        Winter driving: slow down, and keep a good distance between you and the other cars, be aware!

·        Emergency kit: it’s a good time to check what’s in your kit, or create one

You can read more detail here, courtesy of OSHA: