Friday, December 23, 2016

Happenings at CCHD: Public Health Nurse

Today's Happenings features two of our Public Health Nurses. "The Karens" (as they are referred to around here) are both Public Health Nurses who work in our epidemiology program.

Their job is to follow-up on communicable disease reports sent to Clinton County Health Department to determine if the physician and the patient are aware of the illness or disease. They make sure regulated treatment (as necessary) has been prescribed.  Educational information is also provided by these public health defenders. 

In addition to their daily patient work, they also do “surveillance” regarding illness in the community,  and follow-up on reported and suspected information.  They work to educate the public in the prevention of illnesses which might develop into an "outbreak" of disease.

They say their favorite and most interesting part of their job is learning about the risks, onset, and symptoms of various diseases.

Both Public Health Nurses want to be sure people practice good hand hygiene to prevent getting, or passing on, illness.