Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Better Choice Retailer Program

Eating healthy isn’t always easy but the Better Choice Retailer program is trying to help make the better choice the easy choice. You may have noticed some changes to your local convenience store over the past year or so, anything from produce displays to wall art to healthy grab-n-go options. Our participating Better Choice Retailers are working hard to offer you healthy options, in addition to your favorite candy bar.

With the wide array of options available these days it can be hard to determine what the better choice is – but the Better Choice Retailer program has you covered! You will find colorful shelf tags placed throughout participating stores which quickly show you healthy options.

There are currently 5 official Participating Better Choice Retailers in Clinton County and 3 additional retailers who are actively working towards designation.
  • Varin’s Market and Deli, Ellenburg Depot
  • LaBarre’s Convenience Store and Deli, Ellenburg
  • D&D Meat’s, Altona
  • Northern Cakes, Plattsburgh
  • Cumberland Bay Market, Plattsburgh
 To find a Better Choice Retailer near you or for information on how your store can apply visit: http://www.clintonhealth.org/bc