Monday, July 11, 2016

Nice Day for a Walk

The song “It’s a Sunshine Day” by Steve McCarthy, made famous by the Brady Bunch sums up my feelings as I write this. It’s ok if you start to sing.
  I think I'll go for a walk outside now
 The summer sun's callin' my name
 (I hear ya now)
 I just can't stay inside all day
 I gotta get out, get me some of those rays

 Everybody's smilin', sunshine day
 Everybody's laughin', sunshine day
 Everybody seems so happy today
 It's a sunshine day

Now that the North Country is finally getting some “sunshine days”, it’s time to take a walk outside. We are lucky to have many trails and areas to hike. The Clinton County Health Department has developed a Walking Trails Map to guide your travels. It includes locations, descriptions and pictures of the following trails:

·        Point Au Roche State Park
·        Terry J. Gordon Recreational Path
·        Saranac River Trail
·        Cadyville Recreation Park
·        Saranac New Land Trust
·        Little Au Sable River Trail
·        Silver Lake Bog Trail

Maps have been distributed to town and village offices, the Chamber of Commerce, through the Clinton, Essex, Franklin Library System. You can also find them at the YMCA, the City of Plattsburgh Recreation Center, the Clinton County Health Department, and other locations in Clinton County. You may also call the Health Department’s Division of Health Planning and Promotion at (518) 565-4993 to request a copy. We hope this resource will encourage you to explore a new trail, walk more and have a “sunshine day!”