Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Cleaning? What about those Smoke Detectors?

Here is a smoke detector which is over 10 years old and the battery is missing.  The resident didn't realize the battery wasn't in the smoke detector. 
Over time the battery compartments on smoke detectors become worn causing batteries to not fit properly, preventing proper contact to work. 
Dust accumulation can also hinder a smoke detector from working properly.  Smoke detectors should always be maintained by changing the batteries every six months, even if they're not beeping.  Batteries wear down and become weak causing them to not function properly if they need to alert individuals to a potential fire. 
When you're spring cleaning - think of the safety products in your home: smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide detectors, first aid kits, and flashlights. Be sure these are well maintained, and easily accessible.
The Clinton County Health Department has a program that can help Clinton County residents with a free, confidential assessment of your home. Call the Healthy Neighborhoods Program today at 518-565-4870.