Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Shot in the Arm

Many adults are unaware that they need vaccines. Keeping up-to-date on vaccinations reduces the risk of getting sick and passing that illness on to other people. No one likes suffering from influenza but it is just one disease that adult vaccines can protect against. Clinton County Health Department is conducting a survey on adult vaccine knowledge and information on where they receive their vaccinations. This survey will allow us to gather data to determine strategies, barriers, gaps in treatment, and services needed to help ensure adults receive the recommended vaccines. This adult vaccine project aims to optimize vaccination rates and outcomes across adult populations.
This survey attempts to answer these questions:
  • What is the status of adult vaccination rates in Clinton County?
  • What is the accessibility and availability of recommended adult vaccines in Clinton County?
  • What is general adult population’s knowledge or awareness of adult vaccine needed and scheduled?
  • What/Where are the gaps in vaccine management?
  • What recommendations should be given for ensuring Clinton County meets the Healthy People 2020 objective for adult vaccination?
Want to participate?  Our quick survey is anonymous and can help answer these questions.